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          Under the new market situation, the upstream manufacturing industry is also changing. Manufacturing plants have gone through a short supply from the past (production of products can be sold out) - to the later product upgrade - and to the present service upgrade.

  • The general changes in the current production enterprises ar

    1 "along with the competition, lower price is not endless, which requires the supplier's service upgrade;
    2, the production enterprises will pay more attention to the response to the market.
    3 "light peak season, holiday sales promotion and demand peak valley;
    4 "enterprise management internal work promotion, under the premise of inventory control to maintain the flexibility of production. The demand for the service ability of the supplier is getting higher and higher.

  • One of the standards of "good service" is to see h

    From the preliminary inquiry "small sample" trial run "small batch climbing" in large quantities "in these stages, the component suppliers corresponding services are not the same.
    For this reason, Qianjin electronics set up a set of service system suitable for production enterprises to respond quickly, from information end to product end to payment side, according to user demand. After 5 years of grinding, more than 5000 enterprises experience, the launch of "spot short term service program" service users.

  • For this reason, we have the following differences from the

    1 "pre-sale inquiries (about products, MOQ, MOQ, delivery, materials, samples, price, batch delivery ---)
    The buffet line customer service service at the same time, you can focus on our website, WeChat mall, the public number which can be real-time queries to real information. Under the line of service, we are the 30 minute response standard.
    2, the sale order processing (from order to payment, delivery to arrival), we just launched the OMS processing system in November 2017. If the payment is paid in time, we can make the urgent invoice of 30 minutes on the same day. If you are a member of our agreement, you can enjoy a more humanized service experience.

  • Thousands of gold electrons

    The information barrier of the traditional supply and demand sides is broken through the Internet, so that the product information is transparent and transparent, thus saving time.
    Through the small batch demand for large spot inventory, the enterprise will focus on the core customers and greatly improve the efficiency of the operation of the enterprise.

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